Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality HMDs Are Up For Preorder; Here’s Where To Get Them

Microsoft has been chattering about its Windows Mixed Reality HMDs (by various names) for nearly a year, and now you can preorder any of the five that the company publicly acknowledges. (What happened to 3Glasses?)

It’s noteworthy that the forthcoming Asus HMD, about which we know little, is also not on Microsoft’s list of devices in today’s announcements.

We’ve had a substantial amount of hands-on time with Acer’s version, and we’ve had a chance to handle the MR motion controllers Microsoft has built, too. The company announced the Acer HMD bundle as well as the HP headset back at Microsoft Build this spring, and since then we’ve learned about similar headsets from Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and now Samsung.

The Acer, HP, Dell, and Lenovo headsets have actually already been available for preorder; the Samsung model is now joining the preorder party. Asus remains curiously absent.

The below represents what is currently available. We will update as needed.

HMDBase Price (HMD only)Bundle Price (incl. Motion controllers)Where To Buy
Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD (AH100)--$400Best Buy
Asus HMD
Dell Visor$350$450Dell (bundle)
Dell (base)
Best Buy (bundle)
Best Buy (base)
HP Windows Mixed Reality HMD (VR1000-100)--$450Best Buy
Lenovo Explorer--$
Samsung Odyssey--$

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