[Deals] Save 69% on a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD Key

Upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Windows at a low price with this CD key deal. You’ll get a single-use license for Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, tied to a single computer. 

Windows 10 is the newest version of Microsoft Windows, with a variety of new features such as the Cortana intelligent voice assistant, who can answer questions, integrate with apps, search the Web and more, all through natural language voice commands. It also features a brand-new Start Menu, which combines the best of both worlds from the Metro design of Windows 8, and the classic Start Menu that’s been around since Windows 95. You also get access to the brand-new Windows Store, with its Universal Windows Platform app ecosystem. On top of these and other new features are better performance, increased security, reduced memory footprint, and many improvements to the core user experience.

Elevate your Windows experience now with this low-cost deal on a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD Key, and buy it for the low price of £12.78, a 69% savings.

Resellers offer a wide range of deals, but it is our dedicated team who always sort and select them for you. Our partners best deals will always be brought to you. Here is today’s best deal!

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  • 13thmonkey
    So for those that might want to take this up, consider this chat with the supplier:


    Zeal 11-10 23:34:45
    Hello, I am Zeal, I am very glad to talk with you!

    where do these keys come from?

    Zeal 15:35:38
    we purchased with merchant

    so not from Microsoft (for windows obviously)

    Zeal 15:37:01
    from mic

    at 70% discount?

    Zeal 15:37:35
    no sir

    Zeal 15:37:42
    have no discount

    so if i ask MS if you are a licensed reseller they would say yes?

    you are not like kinguin?

    can these licenses get revoked? do you have warranty for this?

    Zeal 15:39:12
    you means taht?

    sorry i don't understand? kinguin has a warranty you can buy in case the key goes bad.

    Zeal 15:40:41
    we suggest that use the key within 2 weeks


    can they be stopped?

    Zeal 15:42:24
    we suggest that

    if you brought them from MS why would this happen?

    Zeal 15:43:54
    we just suggest that

    Then 'Zeal' stopped responding. Personally I wouldn't use them, unless someone can explain why they are legitimate. Based on the 2 week window something dodgy is going on.
  • 13thmonkey
    so he came back:

    Zeal 15:43:54
    we just suggest that

    are you still there?

    Zeal 15:48:34
    yes sire

    a proper license would not expire, so why? what do you do if they get cancelled.

    Zeal 15:52:18
    sorry sir we just promised that we are safety and legal

    Zeal 15:52:40
    and the product is available

    so why are they so cheap? win 10 pro for £13

    Zeal 15:55:43
    we want attract more custmors

    So if I asked Ms if you are a licensed reseller, would MS say yes?

    Zeal 16:00:05
    you can try

    I have tried with others of your type and they always say no, so can you tell me if you are a licensed reseller?

    Zeal 16:01:31
    yes sir

    MS's Response when I asked them:

    Thanks for contacting Microsoft support, my name is Ashwini K. Please allow me a few moments while I review the information you provided.
    Ashwini K
    Hello, how are you doing today?
    Hi, all good thanks, are these people ligitimate in your eyes?https://uk.scdkey.com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-oem-cd-key-global_1227-20.html?tag=thuk_shopping_misc-21
    Ashwini K
    Hello Steve.
    Ashwini K
    We don't recommend any another store apart from Microsoft store. But retail store, you can choose Best Buy, Staples, Walmart.
    but this store, are they licensed resellers by yourselves?
    Ashwini K
    We cannot trust these seller, there can provide used products or product keys or blocked product keys.
  • thisisaname
    I do not think Microsoft support could have sounded more like a ChatBot if they tried.