This is the Microsoft Store Logo

Apple branding the Apple Stores is easy. After all, the Apple logo is just an apple. While the Microsoft store could carry the old and familiar Microsoft typeface logo, which logo would it bear? Would it be the Windows symbol (which changes slightly with each generation) or would it be Clippy? Turns out it's something new.

IStartedSomething found the new Microsoft Store logo in a trademark filing that would cover "retail store services and online retail services featuring computers, computer hardware, software, computer games, computer peripherals, portable music players and accessories, personal digital assistants, cell phones and accessories, video game consoles and accessories, webcams, books, clothing, back packs, messenger bags, computer bags and novelty items."


There it is. What do you make of it?

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  • back_by_demand
    A red, green, blue and yellow square logo.

    Even without MS stamped all over it, it looks like something MS.

    I suppose that means it is doing its job.
  • snoxy
    Why don't they just use the Windows 7 Start button?
  • Anonymous
    It looks seriously dated. Compared to the apple logo it's terrible - It dosn't have immediate, total brand recongnition let alone 'cool'. Rubbish.