Microsoft Suing DHL – Over 21,000 Xboxes Lost or Looted

Wondering where your Xbox order went ? Microsoft is suing the courier company DHL for $2 million after more than 21,000 Xboxes were damaged and looted during a trail derailment last year.

Microsoft lodges its action against DHL based on ‘breach of contract’ over the accident, which took place near Duke, TX. The accident took place in October of 2007. Microsoft claims that under the contract, DHL was to compensate for loss and/or damages – Which DHL did not make good on, according to Microsoft.

During the accident, 12 containers under DHL’s charge went off the rails containing 21,600 Xbox units of two different models, originally destined for Hong Kong. Microsoft is claiming impact damage, wetting, pilferage and shortage as a result of the train derailment, with damages totaling in excess of $2 million.

According to Microsoft’s filing in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, DHL : “Negligently breached its duties as common carrier, handler, bailee” Also : “At no time has plaintiff been compensated for its damages, as alleged above, by defendant, despite demands made therefor. Defendant has refused and continues to refuse to pay plaintiff’s damages.”

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