Microsoft buys mobile ad firm ScreenTonic

Redmond (WA) - In a bid to increase its presence in the mobile space, Microsoft has purchased ScreenTonic, a mobile ad company, for an undisclosed cash amount. It’s the latest move in the three-pronged battle between Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo.

The widely untapped market of ads in cell phone applications has proven to be one of the hottest emerging platforms for sponsored spaces. ScreenTonic, which will continue to operate from its Paris, France offices, has the technology to bring text and multimedia ads into text messaging, mobile games, and mobile Internet.

"The mobile Internet is an extraordinary vehicle for brands to connect with their target audiences, because devices like cell phones enable interaction to take place virtually anywhere or anytime," said Microsoft VP Steve Berkowitz in a statement.

Yahoo and Google are also in the beginning stages of setting up advertising spaces in mobile applications.

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