Microsoft Changes Browser Ballot to Appease EU

Microsoft's been through an Olympic-sized pool of hot water for its bundling of Internet Explorer in with Windows.

In its efforts to appease the powers that be in the European Commission, Microsoft agreed to a browser ballot that would have users select which browser he or she would like to install in his or her system. But competitors such as Mozilla didn't like that Microsoft could place Internet Explorer as the first choice (reading from left to right) as well as display the ballot screen inside an Internet Explorer window.

Now, according to Computerworld, Microsoft is being pressured to change the ballot  screen in order to give more even footing to all other browser choices. The major change includes a randomization of the order in which the browsers line up and that the ballot won't be appearing inside an IE8 window.

Such measures may be approved by European Union antitrust regulators as early as December 15.

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  • Hammeh
    Oh come on get a life!!! If you are going to choose a different browser just pick it instead of complaining about IE being first. NO ONE REALLY CARES
  • mi1ez
    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but haven't we had it for nigh on 2 months already?
  • Anonymous
    This is totally ridiculous, if you want a bigger share of the browser market put some effort into advertising your browser instead of whining about how dominant IE is.