Micronics Caslon II 600W PSU Review: A Low-Cost Gem?

Protection Features

Check out our PSUs 101 article to learn more about PSU protection features. Our protection features evaluation methodology is described in detail here.

Protection Features
12V: ✗
5V: >40A (>181.8%), 4.56V, >100mV ripple
3.3V: >40A (>181.8%), 3.339V, 92.15mV ripple
5VSB: 3.7A (148%), 4.917V
>846.22W (>141.04%)
✓ (140°C @ secondary heat sink)
12V: ✓
5V: ✓
3.3V: ✓
5VSB: ✓
-12V: ✓
Operates properly

Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC thermistor

Over-power protection is set too high. At around 846W, our first sample's bridge rectifier treated us to some nice fireworks since it couldn't handle the load. We didn't try duplicating this with our second sample, avoiding putting our lab equipment at risk.

OCP on the minor rails seems nonexistent. We dialed up to 40A and called it before something bad happened. Micronics should really ask High Power to fix the OCP and OPP features as soon as possible.

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