Micron Takes Another Crack At Logic Chip

Micron Technology announced another attempt at a logic chip, although the company's track record leaves its future in doubt.

Micron, one of the world's largest DRAM companies, announced the "Yukon", an array of memory units designed to simulate compute processes.

Since microprocessors must pull data from a cache or local memory to act on it, minimizing memory latency and bandwidth have become key design targets. The thinking, executives said, was that if you can't bring the memory to the processor, bring the processor to the memory. Like the company's other efforts, Yukon's goal is to spur customers to buy more DRAM.

"Now you can use the memory for more than just storing (data)," said Graham Hirsch, chief architect of the active memory program at the company's U.K. design center. "Memory's not just a bucket any more. "It's a resource which has processing potential."

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