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SteelSeries 6Gv2: Test

Detailed Test Results

SteelSeries 6Gv2

Single Key:
Cherry MX Black
- Cylindrical key design
- Good lateral support to prevent slippage
- Coated
- Non-illuminated

Distance to actuation point:
- 2 mm from starting position
- 4 mm Hub

Operating Force:
- Approximately 60 g to overcome spring resistance

- No detectable actuation point
Overview of test results

This keyboard is excellent for gaming, but its lack of tactility caused some minor adjustment problems with arcade racing games. The integrated MX Black switches don't provide differentiated feedback. When in doubt, you have to make sure to push the key all the way down. The operating force required to do so is very balanced, exactly what you would expect from the Cherry MX Black.

Compared with gaming, the keyboard's suitability to office use is limited. Because of the height and the pronounced edges of the keys, the keyboard doesn't conform to the accepted qualities of an ergonomic two-handed keyboard; an extra palm rest is a must, for example. The anti-ghosting advertised for all keys indicates that no cost was spared on this keyboard. The result is a keyboard with a strong gaming focus, and with an eye to the low price. Definitely a good buy.

Important: the advertised NKRO function works only with a PS/2 connection!
- Well-suited to first-person shooter games
- Good pressure point
- Premium anti-ghosting
- Solid appearance, no slippage
- No extra drivers required
- PS/2 Adapter included
- Low price

- Non-tactile keys
- No additional function or macro keys
- Very limited office capability
- Hard to see in the dark
Overall Rating:


177 of 200 Points

(Diagram source: Cherry)