Five Mechanical-Switch Keyboards: Only The Best For Your Hands

Zowie Celeritas: Test

Detailed test results

Zowie Celeritas

Single Key:
Cherry MX Brown
- Cylindrical key design
- Good traction against slippage
- Fine lettering, non-illuminated

Distance to actuation point:
- 2 mm from starting position
- 4 mm Hub

Operating force:
- 45 g to overcome spring resistance
- Approximately 55 g top value to exceed to the actuation point

- Tactile switches
Overview of test results

Thanks to the Cherry MX Brown keys, the Zowie Celeritas is good all-around. It weighs the least of all of the candidates in this test, but it's still heavy enough not to slip while typing.

The keyboard is smaller than the other candidates, so the keys are a little closer together than on the other keyboards we've tested. This is not a major disadvantage, but it requires a slight adjustment for users accustomed to keyboards wider than 40 cm. Only gamers with very large hands or strong fingers would be better off with another product. But this keyboard was designed with a generous height to simulate a palm rest, which is a nice feature.

It's a pity that this keyboard doesn't have a backlight. The comparatively delicate lettering is difficult to read in dim light and impossible to read in the dark.
- Suitable for office use
- Very well suited for gaming
- Very precise tactile keys
- Relatively quiet
- No extra drivers required
- Little space between keys
- No additional function or macro keys
- Lettering difficult to read in poor light
Overall rating:


175 of 200 Points

(Diagram Source: Cherry)