Maxtor introduces external harddrive for DVRs

Miliptas (CA) - Maxtor today announced a new line of external consumer hard drives. The new QuickView Expander is intendeded to extend the storage capability of digital video recorders.

Maxtor is accelerating its pace in the booming digital video recorder (DVR) space. The company offers users who have run out of space a solution to increase the storage capability of those devices.

The harddrive features 160 GByte capacity which translates in roughly 160 hours of recording time, a Maxtor spokesperson Karen Clyne said. The drive will connect through external SATA or IEEE1394 ports to an existing DVR. Clyne was not able to provide any pricing for the Expander, which should become available in the July/August timeframe. Initially, the drive will only be offered throiugh cable an satellite service providers and not through the retail Channel, Clyne said.

Maxtor claims that its QuickView drives currently are used in 80 percent of digital video recorders worldwide.

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