Matrox Millennium G450 DVI Graphics Card

For a while there, it was starting to seem like the only two companies putting out new graphics cards were ATI and NVIDIA. Matrox Graphics, however, wants you to know that it's still in the game with the release of the Millennium G450 DVI graphics card. Based on the Matrox G450 chip, the card integrates DualHead, DVI, and TV output and has 32 MB of DDR memory. The Millennium G450 DVI is a 2D card that can direct output to a single digital flat panel, and supports DualHead display using a dual HD-15 analog cable, which comes in the box. The Millennium G450 DVI graphics card started shipping yesterday. DualHead technology supports various display configurations called Clone, DVDMax, Multi-Display, TV Output, Zoom, Matrox MultiDesk, Snapshot, Multi-Zoom, and DVD playback. It also gives you multi-display support in Windows 2000, along with access to all modes without rebooting.

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