Meet the Youngest Ever Microsoft Systems Engineer

Marco describes himself as a regular kid who likes to hang out and play with his friends. However, as CNN learned when they went to visit him at his school, Marco Calasan is anything but ordinary; the boy is a computer genius.

Showing CNN's Anna Coren around the computer lab at his school, Marco talks about IPTV, the content delivery system he set up all by himself; how he streams high quality video throughout Macedonia; and provides a service for the country's disabled. Each of Marco's achievements is more impressive than the last. So much so, that we hardly surprised to learn he's also written a 312-page book on Windows 7.

Fluent in three languages and learning a fourth, Marco's grasp of the English language along with his vocabulary boggled Coren as he revealed that later in the month, he will travel from his home in Macedonia to Montenegro where the government has asked him to give a presentation on his IPTV system.

Read the full story here.

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  • Lewis57
    "His brain functions at a higher level compared to other children his age"

    It functions at a higher level than mine too. Damn, some people get all the skill.
  • excalibur1814
    It takes more than four certs to be an MCSA or MCSE.


    P.s. Impressive kid, hope he goes far!
  • redkachina
    The kid behind him @ 3.08 opens Toms Hardware lol