Hackers unlock censored Manhunt 2

Hackers in the U.S. have manages to uncensor the modified version of Take-Two’s Manhunt 2.

The title was at first deemed too violent for release but was granted a mature rating the U.S when developers changed parts of the game in an effort to get it rating approved.

The game received an M rating in the States, meaning only people over 17 could purchase the game, but was rejected a second time in the U.K. as they felt the developers didn’t make adequate changes to the game’s content.

Hackers have found a way to restore the banned content and have created another wave of controversy similar to the hubbub caused by the team of hackers who managed to unblur the sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto.

While the hacking requires a bit of technical know how and a hacked PSP it, of course, hasn’t stopped the parenting groups from griping about it.

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