Tom's IT Pro: Mangstor MX6300 Enterprise NVMe SSD Review

NVMe provides an exceptionally high performance and low latency connection, but with a crowded field of PCIe SSD contenders, including the fabs with their price advantage, a newcomer to this space needs a differentiator. The Mangstor MX6300 is an emerging PCIe SSD that leverages the NVMe interface and offers a beefy 2.7TB of capacity, and it has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

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Mangstor brings a bleeding-edge Everspin ST-MRAM buffer into the picture to protect against power failures. ST-MRAM is a persistent memory, which means it doesn't lose data when power is removed. It also offers DRAM-like speed and nanosecond latencies. ST-MRAM is one of the future memory technologies projected to replace NAND, and it's encouraging to see it already working its way into SSDs, albeit in a limited role.

The Mangstor MX6300 blends the ST-MRAM buffer in with 4GB of DRAM and an array of 3 FPGA's, all controlled by a 100-core processor running at 500MHZ. This array of components provides the fastest 4K random read/write speeds we have ever recorded from a single SSD.

The speediest performance doesn't always equate to an easy win, other considerations such as price and compatibility are also important. However, sporting a top speed of 900,000 4K random read IOPS and up to 300,000 sustained random write IOPS, the Mangstor MX6300 stakes its claim to the fastest SSD on the market. Let's see if those claims pan out as we put the MX6300 through the Tom's IT Pro wringer.

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