Is That A Notebook? MALIBAL's Six-Core, Dual-GPU, Speed Demon

Inside The Nine X7200

The MALIBAL Nine X7200’s Core i7-980X six-core, 12-thread desktop processor requires a great amount of cooling, which Clevo accomplishes with its twin-fan twin-radiator heat sink.

Each GeForce GTX 480M graphics module gets a separate cooler, differentiated from lesser designs by its added thickness.

Under those sinks are two enormous GF100 graphics processors and an equally-imposing desktop CPU socket. Three hard drives are supported above the system board, two in a double-drive cage and one in a basket under the battery.

MALIBAL loaded this X7200 with two Intel X25-M drives, using the ICH10R RAID controller in striping mode to achieve the highest level of performance with no loss in drive capacity.

The power brick is actually a little larger than its namesake, the massive size responsible for outputting 300 W without the benefit of a cooling fan.

A super-thick, yet otherwise compact, battery boasts an enormous 7844 mWh capacity.

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  • mi1ez
    Why are you still using AVG?

    Fast processors, high memory bandwidth, and quick hard drives have little effect on AVG.
  • daglesj
    They shouldnt really be classed as 'Notebooks/laptops' in this class.

    Anything above a standard 17" chassis and I refer to them simply as 'portable PCs'.