Live Updates: Apple Goes Back to Mac - New Air?

10:00 - Steve hits the stage and introduces Tim Cook to start the Back to the Mac event.

10:04 - Tim Cook is talking about how well the Mac still doing. How it's growing faster than the PC and the rest of the industry. 600,000 registered Mac developers per month, with 30,000 new ones per month. One of the recent new ones was Valve Software.

10:06 - Yay, the Mac is getting great games like Half-Life! (But where is our Episode 3?)

10:07 - 318 Apple stores. Lots of new stores selling people to who have never used a Mac before. Half of the Mac buyers are new to the platform.

10:10 - Steve is back on stage talking about iLife.

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  • Silmarunya
    Fox MontageiYawn.

    Amen. Every possible relevant comment on this presentation has now been given.
  • proletarian
    and yet more bore will surely follow.