Apple Sued Over MagSafe MacBook Adapters

The MagSafe, long hailed for its design which helps prevent accidents when users trip over or catch the cable on something, is being targeted by users who complain Apple has been negligent when it comes to adapter design.

Ars Technica today reports that a complaint filed last Friday in California Northern District Court's San Jose office alleges that the MagSafe power adapter is prone to frayed wires and overheating, and as a result represents a fire hazard.

The complaint apparently accuses Apple of being negligent in the design of the power adapter, claims violations of various consumer warranty laws and alleges that Apple "has not taken action to remedy the defects." That said, it also notes in brackets that they’re not quite sure if that last part is true. Seems like a pretty important fact you’d want to check out, but who are we to tell them what boxes to tick before filing a legal complaint?

Ars points out that Apple acknowledged a problem with strain relief near the MagSafe connector last year and said that users "may be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge provided there are no signs of accidental damage" even if the adapter is out of warranty.

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