LSI Deal Won't Change Availability of SandForce SSDs

Yesterday LSI announced that it will be acquiring SandForce, which makes flash storage controllers for some of the fastest SSDs on the market.

This, of course, raised the question of what this would mean for the client, consumer and enthusiast spaces. We spoke to Steve Emerson, director of business development at LSI, who confirmed that SandForce will continue to offer its technology to products in the client market, which also includes the new ultrabook category.

In the enterprise market, Emerson confirmed that SandForce's technologies would help LSI developer differentiated solutions through tighter integrated flash memory and management. No time frame was given when we'd start seeing these enhanced offerings, though.

Emerson also spoke of a new advantage for both the client and enterprise space when it comes to SandForce offering its reference designs to system makers. Future reference designs will benefit from better integration and optimization of LSI and SandForce technologies. Hopefully this means a better and faster product as the end result.

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