Six Low-Voltage Dual-Channel 8 GB Memory Kits, Overclocked

Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP DDR3L-1600

Rumors of this kit’s end-of-life status are greatly exaggerated. The same part number that achieved DDR3-2133 CAS 9 in our recent System Builder Marathon, these factory-direct DDR3-1600 CAS 8-rated modules will be retested today.

Sold as part number BLT2K4G3D1608ET3LX0, Ballistix Tactical LP supports both 1.35 V and 1.50 V XMP profiles. Booting at DDR3-1333 CAS 9 via SPD, voltage automatically drops from 1.50 V to 1.35 V on boards that support the DDR3L standard.

Crucial DRAM products include a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Pailin
    eeh! Such a test and missed out the Famous Samsung Green MV-3V4G3D/US 30nm RAM ???
    This stuff was one of the 1st 30nm RAM products and came to market at Very Reasonable pricing... which lasted only until word got out about how amazing it was. Before memory prices increased this stuff about doubled in price sadly.
    But that was for a reason. NewEgg last time I checked about a month back has them perm marked as discontinued (probably to convince people to buy different RAM from their desired choice, a cheap trick really), but keeps getting more in stock that only lasts days
    This RAM is capable of Really Tight timings or some pretty High clocks :)
  • daglesj
    Why is it in 2013 we are still getting RAM test/benchmarks like its 2004/DDR all over again?
    RAM is now officially a dull component. The only buying advice you can really give that's worthwhile is buy on size, lowest price and which looks best in your motherboard.
    People are wasting too much time and effort over next to zero benefit.
  • Pailin
    not really so daglesj.
    In GPU benchmarks 5fps sells one card over another...
    I have seen before some games like FarCry 2 will gain as much as 5 fps between brands of RAM running at same speed and same timmings @ 1920x1080. Thats worth knowing about while making a choice in my opinion ;)
    Here is these tests we saw great fps improvements than that even.
    I would say too many people do not realise how Big a role RAM choice makes in todays PC builds
  • daglesj
    Sorry chap but all the reviews of ram I've seen for the past year rarely garner more than 2fps at best. And when you've spent 2 days tweaking to go from 103fps to 105fps...thats a total waste of life and effort.
    Sure back in the days when most games and rigs were struggling to get past the 30fps average, a couple of frames could make a slight difference but not now.
    If your rig is struggling to get past 30fps then I don't think putting in 2133 DDR3 ram with ultra tight timings will help it much.
    Maybe put the $70 towards a better CPU or GPU instead.
  • Pailin
    What I am talking about is Zero tweaking, tweaking would gain you even more, perhaps pushing 7 to 10 fps.
    Then add another 2 fps for a good motherboard choice.
    Another 2fps for a better brands design of the same GFx card model
    all the little bits add up quite well.
    On the whole for most gamers you are kinda right ofc, whats 5 to 15 fps when you are running 75 fps anyways... fairly meaningless in a way.
    But maybe some are trying to run an ideal 120fps for 3D gaming or maybe Oculus Rift and that extra few high end of the scale fps will make the difference between a fun experience and a headache...
    Its good to have reviews like this so those that Need this info can see it. Maybe the rest of us that Don't need it Now, would choose the better product so that those extra 5 - 10fps help extend the life span of our new PC ~_^
  • chriss000
    I agree with both pailin and daggles to some extent. The last page of this report is the only one of interest to me as a relatively informed pc user. Obviously I would buy whichever one of these two recommendations was available, or cheapest on the day and utilise its strong point.. Price is everything at the moment. Nice point about the samsung ram tho; I still have ddr samsung ram that works when all else has died.
  • chriss000
    Mind you, you wont be buying either of these from scan, because every single memory kit they list in this class is corsair ! I wonder how much scan's buyer pocketed for THAT little arrangement?