The Environmental Agency frets about low-energy lightbulb disposal

Didn’t you hear ? It’s low energy lightbulb day on Toms UK.

So now it’s environmentalists harping on about recycling low-energy bulbs in the safest way possible. In case you haven’t read the last two news items, the government announced in September that the UK would eliminate incandescent bulbs completely by 2012. Phase out was scheduled to begin in 2008, which we can only assume is why we’re suddenly getting an overload on lightbulb content.

In fairness the Environmental Agency does have a point. Low-energy bulbs do contain a small amount of mercury so it wouldn’t do any harm for there to be regulations about printing a few warnings on the box in case little Jack or Jill breaks one at home.

Of course, some toxicologist are playing down the issue by claiming you’d have to smash several of the bulbs at once before the mercury would pose a risk.

Where would you be without us ? Well you wouldn’t know the dangers of lightbulbs that’s for sure.

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