Camouflage DDR2 Memory by OCZ

While most people will agree that memory is an important aspect of a system build, few think to make their memory flashy. With the recent increase in additions to memory ranging from extra LEDs to large passive coolers, people are now finding yet another part of their computer to modify.

The OCZ memory we received (PC2-6400 Special Ops Urban Edition) is right along those lines. The memory incorporates OCZ’s cooling style and a quite unique paint scheme. Classified as the Special Ops Urban Edition, we were quite intrigued to see what made this memory so much different than the run of the mill OCZ memory.

To be honest, there is not much of a difference between memories apart from clock speed and timings. Don’t get me wrong, the paint job and new heat spreader are bonus points when it comes to having a show system. The heat spreader is unique in the fact that it has holes in the spreader throughout. This could possibly allow more airflow to effectively come in contact with the memory itself, yet we were unable to test such a theory.

When it comes to performance, the CL4-4-3-15 timings were good, yet the OCZ Platinum series carries CL3-4-3-9 timings. Either way, customers are still assured a lifetime warranty and memory capable of handling any game or application that comes its way.

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