AMD's Llano Fusion Chips Coming Summer 2011

AMD's dropping of the ATI brand was a sign that the company is moving towards a future where the lines between CPU and GPU are blurred.

We know about the Bobcat and Bulldozer cores en route, but what about Llano – the first mainstream Fusion product from AMD?

AMD's Leslie Sobon, Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing, shared in an interview with InsideHW a rough ballpark date of when we'll be seeing Fusion chips in our computers.

"We are shipping Ontario and Zacate in Q4 this year, and products should hit the shelves early next year," said Sobon. "Llano will start shipping in the first half or 2011, and products should be available in summer 2011.

"While Ontario is oriented towards the netbook market, Llano is for the bulk of the market, in terms of mainstream and high-end notebooks and mainstream desktops. As we move from Zacate and Ontario platforms to Brazos, you will get more features, more functionality."

Sobon added that it's difficult to nail a hard date for products, particularly notebooks, because it takes 12 to 18 months for notebook designs to become products on the market. Whenever it does, though, she thinks it'll be a hit.

"And let me tell you one thing about Llano, the reaction of all our partners after seeing the demo was, in one word, 'whoa'."

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  • ares1214
    I was hoping for a bit earlier on Llano. This gives a pretty large lead to intel as far as time. Any news on Scorpius/BD?
  • Agges
    The 'Whoa' I usually use is when something is slow... Followed by me considering hitting my head on the desk! BTW No AMD hate, great with decent integrated products in the pipeline
  • nightcrawl3r
    I didn't know this was possible but I am glad this is happening.