Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup: Office Applications

Having covered Linux installation, running Windows XP in Ubuntu, Internet applications, and a handful of open source communications titles, Adam Overa is back with a comprehensive look at office apps for Windows users considering a switch to Linux.

Welcome the third installment of Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup. This time around, we're shining a spotlight on office apps. This article is also a part of our ongoing coverage of Linux for Windows users. If you've wanted to get your feet wet, these guides are designed to present replacements for some of the most common and popular Windows titles. The series thus far includes:

Tom's Linux Series For Windows Power Users

Part 1: Ubuntu Linux Installation Guide

Part 2: Run Windows XP In Ubuntu Setup Guide

Part 3: Internet Application Roundup

Part 4: Communications Application Roundup

Part 5: Office Application Roundup

In this segment, we'll cover all the productivity applications needed to get you back to work on your mission critical tasks. This means office suites, word processors, spreadsheet apps, presentation software, simple database titles, desktop publishing, project management, financial software, and more. We know, we know. You're still waiting for us to get into gaming. But before most folks take a jump from Windows to Linux, they have to address these very-necessary applications. Don't worry, there will be time to play later.

For now, boot into your favorite Linux distribution (distro), virtual machine, or live CD. Or hang out in Windows. Some of these apps are cross-platform, so you can stick with what's familiar (even if it's a Mac), and still learn plenty about these freely-available apps.

Skip around and take advantage of the links to grab some of this great free software for yourself.

If your work is with video, audio, or image files, you'll just have to wait for our next segment: Multimedia Apps. If you were expecting to find personal information managers (Outlook replacements), then check back to our last installment, Communications Apps.

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  • Micropat
    Nice article Mr. Overa - I never even thought about going outside OO.o in the 18 months since I switched to linux. Lots for me to try that I never heard about before.

    I've use M$ office suites ('03 and '07) and I've been using openoffice for over a year now on Fedora. I have to admit that '07 office is superior if you need to export graphs and tables from excel to powerpoint or word. My experience is that OO.o is on par with '03 office for what I do and I'm not unhappy with that.

    I would like to point out that slow down is sometimes an issue with openoffice calc when a spreadsheet is open for hours. The cursor gets very laggy and typed text takes a few seconds to appear on screen.
    Also there are compatibiliy issues between impress and powerpoint. In my situation I need to export impress presentations to be used in a windows environment without openoffice. My best option is to convert to pdf when there are no animations etc. However when powerpoint is needed there are some problems with curvy arrows being changed etc. I need time to troubleshoot my presentations on M$ powerpoint after creating it on OO.o impress.