Linux for PlayStation 2

Game consoles are definitely becoming more like computers, and way back at last year's Rambus Developer Forum, Sony was showing off office applications running on its PlayStation 2. At the time, the company hadn't put forth the Linux-based environment into the North American market, but it appears that the situation has now changed. At the Linuxworld Conference & Expo, in New York Sony just announced that it is set to release "Linux (for PlayStation 2)" Release 1.0, targeted toward the Linux development community in North America. Designed as a hobbyist development environment, users can not only run computer applications written for the Linux OS, but also create programs and apps. The company expects the kit to sell for about $199 USD when it is made available in May 2002. The "Linux (for PlayStation 2)" Release 1.0 kit includes a 40 GB internal hard drive for PlayStation 2, an Ethernet adapter with a 100 Base T interface, Linux Kernel version 2.2.1 (with USB device support), "Linux (for PlayStation 2)" Version 1.0 software distribution on two DVDs, gcc 2.95.2 and glibc 2.2.2 with VU assemblers, XFree86 3.3.6 with PlayStation 2 GS support, a computer monitor adapter with audio connectors, and a USB Keyboard and mouse. In addition to the "Linux (for PlayStation 2)" kit, you need to have a standard North American PlayStation 2 (SCPH 30001, SCPH 30001R, SCPH 35001GT), a Memory Card (8M), and a VESA monitor. The graphics output requires a high-resolution computer display, with standard output set as XGA (1024 x 768 resolution). Home televisions cannot be used as monitors and computer displays supporting "sync on green" are mandatory. The Linux Beta Version Kit was made available to some 7,900 enthusiasts in Japan in July 2001.

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