Linksys getting ready to kick in Afterburner?

It appears that Linksys will soon be fielding a throughput-enhanced version of its popular Broadcom
- based WRT54G 802.11g router.

A Froogle search turns up plenty of vendors listing the WRT54GS , but none with it actually in stock.’s product description looks like it was taken from the Broadcom anti-Super-G playbook, i.e.

Unlike other speed-enhancing technologies, SpeedBooster is fully 802.11 compliant, and a "good neighbor" to other wireless devices and technologies, using a single 2.4GHz channel as specified by the official wireless standard.

This move would have Linksys joining Buffalo Technology in fielding products based on Broadcom’s "Afterburner" technology. Buffalo Tech debuted its WHR2-G54 AirStation 125Mbps Wireless Cable / DSL Router-g at this month’s CES, but won’t be shipping until next month.

It’s interesting to note that the Linksys’ description doesn’t mention 125Mbps or any other throughput number directly, instead saying only that "SpeedBooster ... increases "real-world" wireless network performance by up to 30% ". (This is consistent with the 34Mbps we saw from a Broadcom demo at CES .)

The use of a percentage improvement claim vs. a max throughput number could signal Broadcom’s (or its customers’) approach to combating GlobespanVirata’s Nitro XM rival speed-boost technology. Nitro XM currently has the bragging rights for highest "enhanced 802.11g" throughput number at 140Mbps .

Actual availability for the WRT54GS isn’t known, but’s page says "usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks". Lowest pricing is around $106 , almost half that of Buffalo Tech’s estimated $199 street price for its WHR2-G54.

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