Lightware's Mobile 1,000 Lumen Projectors

Seems like more mobile pros are moving away from showing off PowerPoint presentations on tiny laptop screens just as they moved away from clunky overhead projectors when the little computing wonders first came into play. If you want to bring a little projector with you to take your presentation to the boardroom wall, Lightware just let us know that it has dropped the price on two 5.6-pound portable projectors. Based on Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP), the 1000 lumen XGA Traveler and 1100 lumen SVGA Traveler CS-11 are now priced at $2,995 and $1,995 respectively. Both come equipped with multimedia capabilities and include a HyperZoom feature that gives presenters the ability to enlarge details on the presentation screen. The Traveler series also sports manual focus, manual and digital zoom, and digital keystone correction functionality. A 3-in-1 remote manages projector settings and PC mouse commands and the gadget includes a laser pointer. The Traveler Series projectors are compatible with common video standards and can connect to any video source, letting you switch inputs between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders, and TVs.

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