Lian Li Releases the PC-Q33 Mini-ITX Chassis

Lian Li has released a brushed aluminum mini-ITX chassis that flips open for easy access to the internal components. Called the PC-Q33, this chassis is available now for $99 USD.

Arriving in black and white colors, the new chassis accommodates coolers up to 180 mm (7 inches) in height and ATX power supplies up to 200 mm (7.87 inches) in length. The latest powerful low-profile graphics cards up to 220 mm (8.6 inches) can also fit inside the chassis, the company promises.

On the storage front, two 3.5-inch drives or one 2.5-inch and one 3.5-inch drive can be installed in the cage, which in turn can be removed from the chassis by unscrewing three thumbscrews. The front panel has room for up to three 2.5-inch drives or one 3.5-inch drive and two 2.5-inch drives.

"The PC-Q33 has pop-off side panels for simplified installations, upgrades and maintenance. Hard drives, 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch, can be toollessly mounted on the front panel with thumbscrews with rubber suspensions. Additionally, the expansion slots are secured by thumbscrews," reads the company announcement.

The new chassis supports 120 mm radiators and AIO liquid cooling kits. The case also provides an I/O panel on the front bezel, which includes two USB ports and HD audio. The new chassis measures 229 (w) x 328 (h) x 240 (d) mm in size, and weighs 4.8 pounds.

For more information about this new chassis, head here.

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  • Nuck Chorris
    This is a nice case but why do most ITX are shaped like a cube? Just look at Silverstone's RVZ01 and other pre-built ITX systems. All you pretty much need is a GPU riser.
  • vinay2070
    99$ and you cant put a bigger card!
  • gadgety
    I'd like to see a version of this chassis with a transversal slit up top for an optical slot reader - kind of like a "toaster." Yes I know most people seem to have discarded optical readers, but I'm building a kit for the kids, and they want to be able to run disc based media.