Lenovo recalls 205,000 laptop batteries

Research Triangle Park (NC) - Though it’s not on the scale of last year’s Sony recall, Lenovo is forced to recall notebook batteries because of of an overheating problem. This time, it’s Sanyo batteries that are causing the problem.

Around 100,000 ThinkPad laptops in U.S. and another 105,000 around the globe are affected. A handful of complaints led to the recall, and in one case someone suffered "minor eye irritation", according to Lenovo. The PC maker also said that the overheating problem poses a fire hazard.

Last September, as part of a huge Sony battery recall, Lenovo had to recall the batteries for 526,000 of its laptops. The final tally of Sony battery recalls was over 10 million.

Consumers can see if their computer is affected by the recall by going to a special page on Lenovo’s

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