Kingston Joins SSD Fray With Intel Drives

Kingston is a name that most consumers will associate with the mainstream-level of memory products the company offers through retail chains. Store shelves are often stocked with Kingston desktop and notebook RAM and USB flash drives. Next up for the company are solid-state drives (SSD), thanks to Intel’s contribution.

Now shipping the first two offerings from Kingston’s new SSDNow E Series and SSDNow M Series, with the former being aimed at the enterprise server environment while the latter is for the performance-oriented notebook PC. Both are based off Intel’s SSD design.

"Intel has developed the fastest line of SSD products in the world. Kingston's performance analyses of these drives are off the charts, so we are extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers the benefits of this award-winning line from Intel, backed by the service of Kingston," said Mark Leathem, director of flash business development at Kingston.

The SSDNow E Series 32 GB gives up capacity for speed with 250 MB/sec. read, 170 MB/sec. write, while the SSDNow M Series 80 GB goes on the other side of the equation with 250 MB/sec. read, 70 MB/sec. write.

The specification and naming convention of the E Series and M Series appear to match up with the Intel X25-E and X25-M, which we’ve found in our own tests to be exceptionally fast.

Kingston did not provide pricing details, but we’re expecting these to be among the more expensive of SSD range.

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