Amazon Kindle Touch Review And Fourth-Gen Screen Quality Update

Kindle Evolves, Remains A Favorite

Even if we're not totally in love with the Kindle Touch's screen, and even if it doesn't seem to be any faster, we can't discount the fact that this is Amazon's new flagship e-book reader and that these devices continue to be cheap alternatives to tablets for anyone whose only demand is eliminating the paper-based books in their life. Even if tablets get thinner and their battery life improves, it's hard to imagine they'll ever be able to compete price-wise.

If you're a bookworm, you'll still be drawn to e-book readers like the Kindle Touch and its non-touchscreen alternative. Despite our technical critiques, which frankly go deeper than any mainstream user will care to go anyway, we still prefer Kindles to other e-book readers, if only because they're the portal to something greater.

Amazon's strength is its distribution network and variety of content. It has a much better selection than most other storefronts, and if you want to read on multiple platforms, it's easy to switch from your desktop to Kindle without any hassle. Amazon put a lot of effort into developing Kindle apps for just about every device.

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