Kensington's Laptop Computer Lock

I just saw a flyer on a telephone pole the other day offering a $1,000 reward in regards to the theft of a laptop computer. That may not sound like much, but the person who posted the flyer didn't even care if he got the laptop back. He wanted the thief to copy all the data off the machine and send it to him anonymously. Another story I read recently (but can't locate now) told a similar story. Someone had the entire contents of a book they were writing on a laptop, and then lost the machine. As I remember, the reward was something like $5,000. The moral of the story is that the data contained on a laptop can be worth far more than the machine. When you travel, especially if you're prone to losing things, back up your data and keep it tucked away someplace other than the case that holds your laptop. It may sound like a no-brainer, but I hear about this kind of thing all the time. If you leave your laptop in the office, Kensington figures you should lock it to your desk, and has just introduced the Slim MicroSaver, which is a security cable lock for ultra thin laptops. Kensington says the Slim MicroSaver features a compact, enhanced-security design that uses the same locking mechanism that made the original Kensington MicroSaver so popular. The Slim MicroSaver will be available in late September for $44.99. However, folks like me would appreciate it if they came up with a method that would lock a laptop to the user's wrist or ankle like handcuffs or a shackle. Same thing for cell phones and car keys and PDAs. And wallets. Or maybe some of us should just stay at home and cut our losses.

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