Keeping Track of Voice, Video, and Data IP Services

The biggest challenge of providing multiple types of IP services is figuring out how to get paid for them. Consumers' Internet connections don't have a physical meter attached to them like the electric meter mounted on their house. Broadcom's StrataSwitch II BCM5605 and BCM5606 are intended to enable network managers to monitor, control, and bill for different types of network traffic with application-appropriate priorities and bandwidth allocation. The new chips combine multi-service provisioning capabilities with switching, routing and traffic classification into single integrated circuits with 24 Fast Ethernet (FE) ports and two Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports. StrataSwitch II chips are available in two configurations. The BCM5605 enables line-rate Layer 3 switching, and the BCM5606 enables line-rate Layer 2 switching. The BCM5605 and BCM5606 chips are priced at $140 and $125, respectively, in quantities of 1,000.

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