Pretend to Know Future; Make Money

A Japanese company has launched a website that helps people predict the future, or so it claims. With the financial crisis hitting just about everyone and everything across the globe, more and more people are desperate to know what the future will bring.

Fortune telling is big business in Japan, and a web firm called Zappallas is capitalizing on this market in a very big way—specially taking advantage of the fact that people now want to know more about what’s coming tomorrow, more than ever.

According to a report on Reuters, the Zappallas specializes in crystal ball readings, tarot readings, I-ching and horoscopes predictions. If you think that the financial crisis is hitting everyone, think again. Zappallas reports that its revenues have skyrocketed 61-percent and paying registered account sign ups have climbed a whopping 21-percent since a year earlier.

There’s business to be made in people’s fears, desperation and hopes.

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