Iron Storm 3 Blows Steel City Gamers Away

Now that the influence of the coal and steel industries, on which the Steel City was largely built, have waned, Pittsburgh is a very different place. The city is the site of the first automobile service station, the shoot of blockbuster film Silence of the Lambs and, of course, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 1967, Pittsburgh forever changed the face of children's television when Fred Rogers launched Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. In December of 2003, Pittsburgh joined the LAN Party revolution when seven LAN organizations merged to bring computer gaming to the next level.

This trend of joining forces has been happening within the LAN gaming community for some time. Organizers of 30-80 person parties unite to create something they could not do on their own. In the case of The Pittsburgh LAN Coalition, the merger has been a success. Originally they consisted of eight LANs organizations. Today they are seven and going strong. SlyDuck,, 24oz LAN, PGHLANfest, Nukem LAN, Uber Ware and TerrorLAN are proof that the merger was the right decision, which is also evident in their latest event, Iron Storm 3.