The i's have it: iPod amped speakers from Apple and Klipsch


On the technical level, these are small two-way systems with a 3.1" (8-cm) synthetic-membrane midrange using a bass-reflex load (the port opens at the rear) and a 3/4" (20 mm) dome tweeter mounted in a horn. The subwoofer cabinet, which also contains the electronics, is a fairly classic model; it's quite deep and fitted with a 7.9" (20-cm) woofer using a membrane similar to the one on the midrange, but with an enormous half-roll suspension to give it a long throw. It's bass-reflex loaded, with a slot port opening on the rear.

The controls are all on the unit that also serves as the docking cradle for the iPod. There are the usual volume and subwoofer-level adjustments with a light-bar readout; adjustment is via an electronic knob. On the back of the unit is a line input for plugging in sources other than an iPod. There's a second line input behind the subwoofer. So there are enough inputs for the iFi to serve as a real audio system - connected, say, to your computer and a TV set in addition to the iPod. Several adapters are naturally supplied for the various iPod models. The remote control lets you control the iPod's basic functions, in particular track selection, which is obviously a nice feature.

Technical Characteristics

Bass power output: Not specified Satellite power output: Not specified Frequency response: 27 Hz - 20 kHz Maximum sound pressure level: 114 dB at 1 m Inputs: iPod cradle + 2 line Headphone jack: No Satellites: 3.1" (8-cm) 2-way + tweeter Subwoofer: 7.9" (20-cm) bass-reflex woofer Satellite dimensions : 4.9" X 9.4" X 6.7" (125 mm X 240 mm X 170 mm) (with base) Subwoofer dimensions: 10.6" X 11.8" X 14.6" (268 mm X 300 mm X 370 mm)
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