Set to launch on June 19, us European’s have time difference on our side when it comes to launches and our good friends at Rapid Repair decided to hit up an Orange France boutique that was scheduled to open at midnight. Once they’d secured the phone, they promptly tore the thing asunder to see what exactly Apple had put in there. Don’t worry, we’re sure the phone is fine. Being the CEO of an iPod repair company (not to mention supplying parts for PlayStations, Xboxes and Nintendos), the man at the helm of the operation, Aaron Vronko, is probably pretty handy with a screwdriver.

The aim of the game is to find out what’s different about the iPhone 3G S. Those of you who have been following news on the device know that most of the changes are on the insides and the outside looks pretty much exactly the same. We'll be talking to Aaron on Monday to find out what he found and how it differed to the the iPhone 3G (which Rapid Repair also took apart).

Until then, check out the pictures below and let us know if you'd be tempted to try this at home!

This isn't the entire gallery but if you want to see more, as well as read the step by step guide, head over to Rapid Repair and check out their iPhone 3G S Repair Guide.

All images are courtesy of Rapid Repair.

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  • timbozero
    I would be amazed to find out that Rapid Repair found more than a new ASIC (for speed increase) and memory chips (for increase to 32GB) had changed , all the other 'improvements' also come to the 3G with the new OS3.0 except the compass which is available as an app anyway.
  • timbozero
    OK , and a 3Mp camera as well ;)
  • Anonymous
    dont forget the digital compass :)my 3gs has a new stle adapter, i dont like it as much cuz the wire goes to 1 side rather than from on top