Nvidia Shows iPad-beating Foxconn Tegra 2 Tablet

While the Apple iPad may be the hot tablet on the market today (or at least headed soon to your market), it won't be the only game in town.

Engadget went hands on with a Foxconn-manufactured tablet that packs Nvidia Tegra 2, which means that its guts are already ahead of what's inside the iPad. The Tegra 2 uses a dual-core Cortex A9 chip running at 1GHz and the prototype packs 1GB of RAM, giving it four times the memory over Apple's device.

The tablet features an 8.9-inch capacitive touchscreen display and ran some form of Android. Demonstrations showed some rather impressive 3D graphics, which we can attribute to the Tegra 2 as well.

Right now this appears to be a prototype device showing off what Nvidia's hardware can offer in the tablet space, but hopefully an OEM will jump in soon to stir things up.

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  • mi1ez
    Gets my vote, albeit with far too much border on the screen.
  • waxdart
    I want an affordable mobile one of these please.
  • LePhuronn
    Tegra 2 tablets are more than just speculation surely. Apparently ICD is "negotiating carrier exclusivity" for its Gemini (or so they say on their Facebook page anyway), so I'd like to think they actually have a working, ready to release product they can start getting out to 3G carriers ready for September.