This is How Your Internet Browser Works

These days it seems almost like magic that you can type in "" into your browser and it'll bring you here. It's almost as if your internet browser knows that typing those words will direct it one of our servers that'll serve you the page that you're reading right now.

In terms of operation, it's exceedingly simple, but the technical details of how it all comes together is actually quite involved.

A comic strip by Vlad Gerasimov explains how the internet works, or at least how your browser fetches you the pages that you want to see.

Check out more of Gerasimov's work at Vladstudio.

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  • gdilord
    An oldie but a goodie! And accurate too! :-)
  • mi1ez
    Nice. Could do with showing that to people I work with and adding a proxy server!
  • tulx