Intel Shows Conceptual 2035 Xe Graphics Cards, Provides Updates

Credit: IntelCredit: IntelIntel's "Join the Odyssey" initiative is in full swing here at Computex 2019, with the company holding an Odyssey Taipei event to reveal its new Graphics Command Center and show off some conceptual fan art of what graphics cards may look like in the far future of 2035. It's all part of its far-ranging "Join the Odyssey" program, which is an outreach program designed to keep enthusiasts up to date on the latest developments through an Intel Gaming Access newsletter, outreach events, and even a beta program. The information-sharing goes both ways, though, as the company also plans to use the program to gather feedback from gamers.

Intel's Gregory Bryant, the head of the company's client compute business, kicked off the event, with Lisa Pierce, the VP of the Graphics and Software team, later taking the stage to announce that a new version of Intel's Graphics Command Center is available today from the Microsoft Store. This software comes with six skins, 44 new games with one-click optimizations, and the power optimizations page is now active.

Intel also showed off several conceptual renders of what graphics cards might look like in the year 2035. To be clear, these aren't planned graphics cards, but they do give us an interesting look at what the future may hold. Check them out in the albums below.






If you want to learn more about Intel's upcoming Xe Graphics card, head to our roundup of all we know.

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  • southernshark
    2035 Intel releases 7nm graphics cards....

    Most of those designs look like graphics cards released today. 2035 doesn't seem very original.
  • hotaru251
    Prometheus & sirius are best.

    andromeda looks like....a completely translucent gpu?

    oblivion looks nice, but its thermals would suck ;|

    similar for gemini.
    that could be done by making a magnetic fan thats swappable...but again its not actually doing job of a fan and would have awful thermals.
  • Blas
    Andromeda, Gemini, Sirius... I guess Polaris and Vega were aleady taken...