Intel Shows Off 32-nm Westmere CPU Wafer

While we're still somewhat caught up in the P55 and Core i7 and i5 Lynnfield newness, the real treat that Intel has around the corner is in its upcoming 32-nm Westmere chips along with Clarkdale and Arrandale.

32-nm is an exciting milestone for the processor industry, and Intel was proud to boast that it was first to produce a full processor using the manufacturing process. Check out the video below for the news chock full of technical details.

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  • alikum
    To be honest, since the last time GMA failed on me, I have grown skeptical towards Intel's graphics solution. Let's wait and see what the chips are capable of before talking, Intel.
  • Major7up
    It could be nice as a backup solution to have it integrated like that. Additionally you could have some damn small devices with the elimination of another graphics/video chip or card.
  • So should I not even bother buying a new computer until these 32nm chips come out?