Intel Ad #2: World's Smallest Microprocessor

Intel yesterday kicked off a new ad campaign with a TV spot that depicted an Intel engineer as a rock star.

Now another commercial is available with the tagline, “Our big ideas aren’t like your big ideas.”

The TV spot stars off with a couple of broadcast reporters rushing into a media briefing, only to arrive to a room with everyone on the floor searching for a small object (or maybe everyone just lost their contact lenses at the same time).

Finally someone finds the small object and holds it up with a pair of tweezers. Everyone in the room applauds. The reporters’ camera zooms in to the tweezers, unable to see anything, confusing the broadcasting pair. Then, it all makes sense since it’s for the world premier of “Intel’s Smallest Chip.”

While it may not be as entertaining as yesterday’s TV ad with the charismatic Ajay Bhatt, it still highlights that the tech industry has its own culture that popular media thus far hasn’t been able to accurately present.

Click here to view the new ad on YouTube.

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