Intel To Close Xircom Subsidiary

Intel in in the process of closing down its Xircom subsidiary in Thousand Oaks, California. Intel will reportedly attempt to redeploy the Xircom employees to other positions within Intel. In the event a job transfer is not available, these employees will likely be laid off. To add to this unpleasant news, Intel's hiring is at a near standstill, as is the case at most technology firms. When Intel acquired Xircom, it kept Xircom a subsidiary and did not integrate it into the Intel business. Xircom employed more than 1,900 people and earned $492 million in revenue during its the last four quarters.

Intel indicated that even with the demise of Xircom, research teams, employees, and technology from the Xircom acquisition will continue under the Intel banner. Support for existing Xircom products should continue, as well.