Intel Pushes Servers in a Big Way

One of the beauties of rack-mount servers is that you can pretty much mix and match components to come up with a rig that suits your particular needs. Intel is going whole hog in the rack-mount arena this week with a slew of server products that includes boards, chassis, and other server components. The Intel Server Board SCB2 can be used for Internet applications including clustered database, firewall, streaming media, and e-mail servers. It uses up to two Intel Pentium III processors with 512-KB cache, and is optimized for 1U (1.75" height) or 2U (3.50" height) form factors. This server board has triple-peer PCI buses, including two 64-bit/66MHz PCI buses and is designed to work with Server Chassis SR1200 or SR2200.

The Server Chassis SR1200 is intended for high-density environments, either as a web server where a relatively small data set is maintained internally, or in database or e-mail applications with external data sources. This chassis conforms to the 1U form factor with storage options from ATA to SCSI and up to three hard drives. It includes tool-less assembly and service, and AC and DC power options are available.

The Server Chassis SR2200 is in a 2U form factor for SCB2 boards and has six 64-bit/66MHz slots: three full length and three low profile. It supports up to seven hard drives, for 504GB total internal storage capacity (with 72GB drives). AC and DC power options are also available.

Intel says the Server Board SDS2 is intended to serve environments using mail servers, proxy/caching servers, external facing Web servers, and workgroup database servers. It supports up to two Intel Pentium III processors with 512-KB cache, has six PCI slots with support for six full-length PC cards, a 6GB dual channel SDRAM with 2.1GB/sec maximum theoretical throughput, dual channel U160 SCSI, support for the Intel RAID Controller SRCMR (Modular ROMB), and integrated Intel Server Management 3.5. It's designed to work with the Server Chassis SC5100.

The Server Board SAI2 is for things like file/print, intranet web servers, and terminal servers. It supports up to two Intel Pentium III processors with 512-KB cache, six PCI slots, 4GB SDRAM, two ATA/100 channels, and local server monitoring. When combined with the Server Chassis SC5100, this server board will support up to five 1" height SCSI or IDE drives for up to 400GB internal storage.

The Server Chassis SC5100 supports up to ten hot-swap SCSI hard drives giving you a maximum capacity of 720GB in a 5U form factor. Power and form-factor options include redundant power and pedestal or rack options. It's designed to work with SDS2 and SAI2 boards.

The RAID Controller SRCMR is a hardware-based RAID controller that features Intel's new RAID software architecture. This RAID controller works in combination with the onboard SCSI device on the Server Board SCB2 or SDS2 to deliver dual channel hardware SCSI RAID.

The RAID Controller SRCU32 is a dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller that supports up to 256MB RAM and has a standard battery backup unit.

The Intel PRO/1000 XT Server Adapter is a Gigabit Ethernet adapter that meets the Low Profile PCI specification. It enables data transmissions over common copper network cables of up to one gigabit per second. Based on Intel's single-chip Gigabit Ethernet controller, this adapter features a smaller bracket to accommodate lower profile server designs.

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