11-Way P45 Motherboard Shootout

P45 Platinum Software And Accessories

With its P45 Platinum, MSI includes its Dual Core Center overclocking utility, Live Update 3 BIOS utility, and Efenity Extras HDD Backup utility. The hard drive backup utility runs from CD, but posted a statement that the motherboard model wasn’t supported.

Dual Core Center launches with a small interface, with buttons to open advanced controls.

CPU fan speed and FSB are both adjustable on the first page of the CoreCenter advanced menu.

CPU core, memory, and northbridge voltage are adjustable on the second page. Voltage changes worked well for us, but any attempt at overclocking under Windows Vista caused our system to lock up.

MSI GreenPower Center also provides voltage controls, but its aim is to conserve power. CPU and DRAM memory controller phases can also be reduced, since selecting fewer components allows added efficiency.

Documentation & Software Motherboard Manual
Quick Installation Guide
"Quick Guide"
Backup Software Guide
Motherboard Driver CD (Windows XP)
Motherboard Driver CD (Windows Vista)
Backup Software CD
Hardware 4x SATA Data Cable
1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable, Round
1x Floppy Cable
1x 4-pin to SATA Power Adapter
1x IEEE-1394/USB 2.0 Breakout Plate (1/2Ports)
1x Crossfire Bridge
1x Quick Connector Kit
1x I/O Panel Shield

The P45 Platinum includes an excessive amount of documentation but a rather ordinary set of hardware. Two things that stand out are the ATI CrossFire bridge and M-Connect quick connector kit.

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  • alex_oneill2006
    Wait, i think i missed the conclusion... what was the conclusion.....or am i just silly !?

    Great review any who, i have been waiting for one of these. I would say go for the P5Q Deluxe!!!!!!!!11
  • iluvgillgill
    the old E6xx CPU is not good enough to explore the FSB of the new P45 chipset. i seen better review then this in term of hardware. there should be at least a dual core 45nm processor and a 45nm quad processor.

    sigh....tom's been lazy with hardware update!
  • spuddyt
    I assume it is a mistake that says the P45 platinum from MSI has an X48 chipset?
  • DangerousD
    so waht about a decent conclusion something like, are these boarfds worth the extra cash over a P35 chipset variant, everything tells me they offer little incentive over the P35, thoughts anyone?
  • Henrlk
    Uhm .. 45nm!?

    I agree, test with a better (new) CPU(s) 45nm Dual/Quad.
    That would be really interesting. This probably means alot to someone that owns the E6xx series CPU which i doubt someone buy if they buy a P45 board.
  • Anonymous
    Methinks Tom has a bit of biassed attitude favouring Asus tbh