Intel NUC 8 VR Gaming Mini PC Now $150 Off

If there's one thing we like, it's big performance in small packages. We had a chance to put Intel's small yet muscular NUC 8 VR through its paces back in March and came away impressed. Now the NUC 8 VR is only $715, which is a $150 savings. 

If the ability to overclock both the processor, graphics, and memory isn't impressive enough, consider the incredible amount of connectivity on offer. The NUC can power up to six displays and supports all modern interfaces, like DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, USB Type-C, Thunderbolt, and USB 3.1 Gen 2.

The NUC comes packing an eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8809G that rides on the same package as an MD Radeon RX Vega graphics chip that's complemented by 4GB of HBM2. Yes, you read that right. Intel and AMD worked together to bring the processing unit to market, and the fruits of that odd partnership are plenty impressive: We easily gamed at 1080p in several popular titles, even with high-quality settings. 

There is a bit of a catch, though. You're on the hook for your own storage, memory, and operating system. The NUC supports up to 32GB of SO-DIMM memory and accommodates two SSDs (one 2280 and one 2242) in either SATA or NVMe flavors.