Intel Sees Big Future in Tiny PCs

From Intel's event today, we've learned that all-in-ones are a big focal point, but not the only new form factor that the company is targeting for the future. Born from the NUC effort, the mini or tiny PC is set for a record year and is in Intel's eye a "reinvention of the tower."

Intel VP and GM of Desktop Client Platforms Group, Lisa Graff, expressed confidence in this new segment, saying, "This is growing incredibly fast. What we're seeing here is over 1 million units shipped last year – growing from essentially nothing from 2012 – and we expect more than 50 percent growth this year in 2014."

Small form factors are nothing new, of course. So what is it about this new wave that's making them so successful?

"It's so small, it almost disappears," explains Graff. The small size means that it can be placed out of the way in a convenient spot in unconventional places. Intel uses the example of a mini PC being used for navigation on a boat.

It's another classic tale of miniaturization enabling new use cases for existing technology. Intel used the words "easy embedded" to describe some of these use cases.

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  • K2N hater
    Hmmmm these small devices need a new magic name so we can keep singing the "PCs are dead" mantra.
  • bak0n
    Can't wait to throw a high powered GPU in it! Oh wait...
  • none12345
    Tired of the small movement. As long as its not larger then a file cabinet, i don't care how big it is. The only thing that matters is power. Who cares if its small if its gutless. Gimme power! I miss the old days of hardware doubling ever 6-12 months or so. Now we get 10% every 1-2 years. Boring!