Intel To Build 22nm Trigate Processors for Netronome

The production will leverage Intel's 3D Trigate transistor technology that is more and more emerging as a cash cow for the company beyond its own product range. Netronome said that the transistors will "shatter system benchmarks for flow processor performance, power and cost in network and security applications."

The company also said that it will be able to take "full advantage of Intel's tools and proprietary modeling capabilities" and ensure that it has "uninterrupted product supply" as it can count of more than just one fab as production facility. Intel and Netronome did not release any numbers that would indicate production volume of network flow processors.

Netronome is the third foundry deal for Intel. Previously, Tabula and Achronix announced that their FPGAs would be manufactured by Intel in a 22 nm process. It appears that Nvidia would also be interested in having Intel produce its chips. Intel, however, declined and said that it has no intent helping its rivals.

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