Intel Announces 'Iris' as Top Tier Graphics for Haswell

It's no secret that Intel's been working on its graphics technology for its upcoming Haswell generation of Core processors. As expected in each subsequent iteration, the graphics that will ship with Haswell will be faster and more efficient. Intel, however, isn't satisfied with just HD Graphics. Today, Intel is announcing a brand new trademark for its faster offerings which it calls Iris Graphics.

"Today we unveil the awesome capabilities of Intel Iris graphics, which will be available on select SKUs of our highly-anticipated 4th Gen Intel Core processor family," Intel declared. "With up to a 2X 3D performance improvementover today’s fastest mobile Intel HD Graphics solutions, Intel Iris graphics brings next-generation mobile computing devices to life with a built-in, eye-popping visual experience – no extra graphics card required."

Intel boasts that Iris Graphics will be most appreciated in notebooks and all-in-one computers, especially when compared to existing offerings running the company's 3rd-gen Core processors. Intel notes the following performance gains from generation to generation:

2X 3D performance increase over Intel HD Graphics for the high performing U-series processors designed specifically for Ultrabooks, with Intel Iris graphics.

2X 3D performance increase for Mobile H-series processors (designed for more robust notebook PCs) compared to Intel HD Graphics with Intel Iris Pro graphics and High Speed Memory (eDRAM)

3X 3D performance increase for desktop R-series processors with Intel Iris Pro graphics and High Speed Memory (eDRAM)

Iris Graphics isn't a replacement for HD Graphics, but rather the two brands will co-exist -- or rather, three brands; in addition to Iris Graphics, there will also be Iris Pro graphics, which will represent the very top tier internally known as GT3e.

Stay tuned for more details about Iris Graphics and Haswell.

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  • Chopper3
    "Iris"...well they couldn't go using the term "Retina" now could they, what lazy marketing folk.
  • somebodyspecial
    Let me know when they put the top gpu on the top cpu (or at least more near the top). Until then I guess I'll keep recommending richland to cheap gamers and telling them to wait for a few months to get them.

    When are you guys going to fix the comments crashing? Thankfully the button to post direct into forums works but you need to fix this issue ASAP.

    So it looks like my first post may have crashed but went in anyway. Editing this to delete the other and add this just in case anyone fixing the issue cares :)