Intel H370, B360, And H310 Coffee Lake Motherboards Leaked

Motherboards based on Intel’s H370, B360, and H310 chipsets for its Coffee Lake line of CPUs have leaked on some Asian retailer websites. Among them are ATX and ITX boards from Asrock and Gigabyte.

Not long after a trio of new Coffee Lake CPUs were leaked by an online retailer, motherboards based on the more budget-oriented chipsets that are set to accompany them have also leaked. We’ve known a bit about the H370 and B360 chipsets since before Coffee Lake launched, and word of the H310 has appeared in various leaks.

Considering that Z370 is practically a spec for spec refresh of Z270, we can surmise what the H370 and B360 (which isn’t named “B350” because AMD is already using it) will have for specs. They should be to the Z370 what the H270 and B250 were to Z270 for Kaby Lake. Our guess is that the H370 will have 20 PCI-e lanes (versus 24 on Z370) and eight native USB 3.0 ports (versus 10 on Z370), while the B360 will have only 12 PCI-e lanes and six native USB 3.0 ports. The B360’s predecessor, the B250, also didn’t have any built-in RAID capability.

The leaked boards don’t have any surprises. Most of the ATX H370 boards show dual PCI-e 16x slots and dual M.2 slots. The spec categories that have been listed differ for every board, though, so we doubt they can be trusted. The takeaway is that there will be no shortage of cheap ITX boards available for those hoping to build six-core HTPCs or mini-PCs. Z370 ITX motherboards haven’t exactly been cheap, after all.

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